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Volunteering FAQs

What roles are available?

All our advice volunteers start out as Digital Advice Coaches in one of our digital access hubs. After a minimum period of three months or 70 hours, and on completion of all relevant training, volunteers will have the opportunity to progress to the role of Telephone Triage Assessor.

We are also looking for volunteers to join our research and campaigns and events teams.

Do I need any specific qualifications to volunteer with Citizens Advice Manchester?

No, not at all. Being the right type of person is what matters most to us. We are looking for down to earth and friendly people who are non judgemental and empathetic to the needs of our clients.

How much time do I have to give to volunteering with Citizens Advice Manchester?

Volunteers are expected to be able to commit to a minimum of one set shift per week. Shift lengths vary between three and five hours per week depending on the role and location.

All volunteers will be asked to attend training days before they start volunteering. These are usually 10.00 to 15.30.

All volunteers are asked to be available for at least six months when they start volunteering.

Your volunteer days, hours and training arrangements will be agreed with you in advance

What happens when I apply?

When you apply we will acknowledge your application and invite you to one of our information sessions. We hold these fun and friendly sessions every quarter. During the session we deliver a presentation about the service and discuss both what we expect and what you can gain from volunteering with Citizens Advice Manchester. We also run a number of fun activities that are designed to assess how you interact with other people as this is a major part of the role. The session is designed to help you, and us, decide if you would be happy as a Citizens Advice Manchester volunteer.

Will there be an interview?

We follow up the information session by interviewing successful candidates. Because we have already met you, our interviews are relatively short and only last around fifteen minutes. Wherever possible we try to hold these interviews over the telephone to avoid people having to travel into the city centre for a short period of time. However, we are more than happy to arrange a face to face interview where this might cause difficulties. The interview itself will be as friendly and informal as possible and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Do you pay any volunteer travel expenses?

If you live within the city boundary, Citizens Advice Manchester will pay reasonable travel costs for you to travel from your home to the office in which you volunteer.

If you live outside the Manchester boundary, expenses are usually limited to the amount of a Greater Manchester Day Saver ticket.

We will pay travel expenses if we ask you to attend a training course or other event connected with your volunteering.

If you need more information about travel expenses, please email us at

Unfortunately, we cannot pay childcare or other carers’ expenses.

I am on benefits. Can I still be a volunteer?

Yes, you CAN volunteer whilst claiming benefits and we have many volunteers that do. What you need to do will depend on the type of benefits you are getting.

There is a Citizens Advice leaflet with further information or you can email us at