It's Volunteers Week!

This year, June 1 - 12 is set aside as Volunteers Week, which gives us an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contribution that volunteers make to our service. Citizens Advice across the country has over 23,000 volunteers who generously dedicate millions of hours to  helping to us to support clients and solve problems. Quite simply, we would never be able to help the people we do without our volunteers.

We're delighted that we're not the only ones who benefit; 9 in 10 of our volunteers gain more than one 'practical skill' while volunteering, and 4 in 5 working volunteers believe their employability has increased. On a more personal level, 9 in 10 of our volunteers say they have an increased sense of purpose and self-esteem, 4 in 5 believe volunteering had a positive effect on their physical or mental health, and 9 in 10 feel better equipped and empowered to deal with issues in their lives – with 4 in 5 also helping friends and families.

if reading this has inspired you, why not apply to volunteer with us? We're currently recruiting for all roles, and we'd love to welcome you to the service!