Demand for Advice rising

By using the detailed data collected by Citizens Advice Manchester it is possible to highlight growing advice issues and trends for Manchester. From January to March 2016 Citizens Advice Manchester dealt with 15,382 different advice issues this was a 27% increase on the same   period in 2015.   As seen in Q3 almost all advice categories saw double digit %  increases. The ongoing impact of the changes to benefits, particularly around PIP and ESA, saw this enquiry  area leap by over 1,500 to 5,401. 
Benefits, Debt, Housing and Employment continue to be the major issues Manchester         residents face accounting for 75% of all enquiries. Employment enquiries as in Q3 has       massively increased by 46% with many clients still having problems around the withholding of pay, unfair   dismissal and terms & conditions. People approaching the organisation with   housing and family issues have both increased by 53% and 68% respectively. This again a     reflection of the difficulties many Manchester families are facing with both rent arrears and family breakdown enquiries on the rise. For these people the advice and support that Citizens Advice Manchester, Cheetham Hill Advice Centre and Shelter has been able to provide has been invaluable.