Digital Assistant

Offering excellent progression opportunities, the Digital Assistant role is ideal for people who are friendly and approachable and who have the ability to use the internet to find information and complete online forms and transactions.

Not all clients need to speak to an adviser - some just need help to find the right information. Others need support to use digital services. Our Digital Assistants provide just that, supporting clients to explore the issues that they need help with, and finding the information they need to solve their problems using digital means. This includes supporting clients to complete online forms and make new benefits claims, including Universal Credit.

This might include supporting and assisting clients to:

  • Start a Universal Credit claim . This may include:

    • Setting up a personal email account;

    • Setting up a new bank account;

    • Accessing the online gateway and setting up a Universal Credit account;

    • Assisting the client to compete required tasks.

  • Access appropriate websites and identify relevant forms and self-help information

In addition, our Digital Assistants:

  • Provide information about the local Citizens Advice and other advice services to clients from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.

  • Signpost clients appropriately to suit their needs following agreed protocols

  • Alert supervisors if clients have emergencies or urgent advice needs

  • Record client numbers and issues

Where and when can I volunteer?

A lot of people want to volunteer close to home so that they can make a difference in their own community.  With thirteen digital hubs across the city, including one in the city centre, there is a venue within easy reach in most areas of Manchester.  Please see here for more details of digital hub locations and opening hours. This role requires a minimum commitment of three hours per week in community locations and four and a half hours a week in the city centre. This role operates during school hours Monday to Friday making it an ideal opportunity for people with childcare responsibilities or those who want to avoid rush hour traffic! We also offer roles supporting our teams with Universal Credit Help to Claim enquiries in jobcentres across the city. These roles require a commitment of two and a half hours (2.30 - 5.00pm)

Will there be training?

The initial training for the Digital Assistant role consists of a one day training sessions and some self study. You would also be required to observe/shadow a member of the digital team/an experienced volunteer during your initial induction period.

What opportunities are there to progress?

After three months volunteering in the Digital Assistant role, volunteers who have demonstrated their commitment and reliability will have the opportunity to undertake further learning to enable them to progress to the role of Telephone Triage Assessor. Learning for this role would involve further self study (around twenty hours), a one day training course and several observation sessions.


Alice's Story

I had just finished working on a temporary contract and I felt in limbo as to what to do next. I knew I wanted to develop new skills to enhance my employability, but I also wanted to be able to give something back at the same time. 

I started volunteering at the Town Hall drop in service helping people to access advice and information online. Although this role was face to face, it gave me a good understanding of the problems people can have and where to help them to look online to find the answers they need. This really helped me when I had progressed through my training and decided to develop my skills further as a Telephone Triage Assessor.

“It has been so rewarding to be able to help people, build their skills, confidence and support them to use digital services. The best part of helping is when the client leaves the service with a big smile and a big thank you. It just shows how giving to others makes one happier and healthier. Volunteering has provided me with a sense of purpose.
— Fatma - Digital Assistant Volunteer