Struggling with Debt?

More people than ever before are getting into debt. It is often linked with redundancy,           unemployment, separation, sickness etc. Anyone can find themselves in debt. Whether you have one small debt or many larger debts, we can help you deal with the situation and sort things out. 

What we can do for you . . . 

  • Assess your financial situation, check your benefit entitlement and give you budgeting advice if needed. 
  • Help you to deal with any emergencies, such as bailiff action, the threat of eviction or disconnection, court hearings or any other  issues needing urgent attention. 
  • Advise you which payments to prioritise and help you to deal with priority debts such as arrears of rent, mortgage, council tax or fuel. 
  • Advise you on whether you are liable for the debts and help you challenge your liability where appropriate. 
  • Assist you in responding to court claims and in applying to court where necessary. 
  • Having assessed your level of income, your assets and your     general circumstances, we will explain all the options available for dealing with your debts. 
  • We will keep you informed and updated as your case progresses. 
  • If it is appropriate to refer your case to another agency, we will advise of this as soon as possible. 

Find out more with our Help with Debt Advice Leaflet