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Extend the National Living Wage to young people aged 18-24

The Government National Living Wage applies to those aged 25 and over. Under 25s don't get discounts on their energy bills or groceries, so why are they paid less?

We are campaigning to influence the National Living Wage Extension to Young People Bill. If the Bill is passed young people 18-24 will receive a National Living Wage!

Our research so far shows:

  • 56% of young people are, or have been in debt whilst working, of those respondents over 21% are in rent arrears. 
  • 56% just about manage to cover essential bills and 28.75% said that they often cannot afford to pay their bills. 
  • 80% of respondents have borrowed money to pay essential bills.
  • 27% have been unable to heat their homes due to low wages. 
  • 57% said that low wages have impacted on their health (predominantly mental health) 

How Can You Help?

  1. Email or write to your MP and ask them to attend the second reading of the Bill on 6th July 2018 and support it. 
  2. Tweet your story using our pledge card, how are low wages impacting on you? Tweet and post support for the Bill (Tag your MP) and use #LivingWageBill #WheresOurLivingWage 
  3. Ask 10 other people to do the same 

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