Campaigning for change


As well as providing advice, every local Citizens Advice office has a twin aim of collecting evidence from clients’ experiences – and our experiences of advising them – and using this to campaign for positive changes that can benefit everybody, and not just people who access the service. We do this work locally, with Councillors, Members of Parliament and local organisations. We also provide case studies and information to Citizens Advice’s Head Office, for use in their national campaigning work. 

We also run awareness raising and media campaigns, and publicise our success stories.

Current Research & Campaigns

Comparing Access to Essential Community Services

We looked into what access to services exists in two contrasting areas of South Manchester. You can read what we found here



Settled & Safe Students

Citizens Advice are campaigning nationally about the standard of private rented accommodation and rogue landlords. Here in Manchester, we're looking specifically at how this impacts students. If you have a story about your accommodation that you'd like to share, please contact us by clicking below

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