Getting in Touch

For Advice

Initial contact for all clients to Citizens Advice Manchester service is via the advice line on 03444 111 222.Clients will be assessed by a gateway assessor and then given basic information or Booked an appointment; with a generalist adviser, a specialist caseworker or one of our projects or partners as appropriate.

Face to face Access

We also operate an ‘Information Hub’ at Manchester Town Hall – Monday to Friday 9.30am – 2pm. Clients visiting this venue will be assisted to access online help or be supported to use the free phones to our Adviceline.

Email & Webchat

We are appreciate that you may be too busy to contact us by phone or to go to our local drop in service, so you may wish to email us. Our email service can provide information and specialist organisations to help answer your questions and provide you with the support you may require. For us to do this for you, we would need the relevant information about your circumstances, for example, if your having trouble with your landlord, is your landlord social or private? Clients can access our email advice via the Citizens Advice Manchester website at: and live webchat at  

Research and Campaigning

As well as helping people dealing with their problems, Citizens Advice Manchester carries out research and campaigning work as a means to make society fairer. We can only do this by increasing our communication with member's of the public as well as public officials to promote so they are aware of the harm that may be being caused due to a public policy. You may wish to contact us to briefly explain how a public policy has affected you, and if you are willing to discuss your circumstances in further detail. We are also open for members of the public to research and campaign with us, so if you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Feedback - Your opinions help us improve our services.

We are constantly reviewing the services we provide. If you have any suggestions about improvements to make about the service or feedback about your experience with us positive or otherwise, we would like to hear from you.

Write to us :
Citizens Advice Manchester,
Albert House,
17 Bloom St,
M1 3HZ

Please note, we do not operate a drop in service from this location.