Delivering Money Education workshops with your help

Citizens Advice Manchester are working with The Co-op’s Local Community Fund to raise money to deliver online money education workshops, helping Manchester people to use online tools to manage their money better.  

In some parts of  Manchester, over 15% of adults have never been online and over 25% lack basic digital skills, so we want to work with Manchester communities to maximise their money by using online tools.

So far, we have raised just over £1,000 which means we can deliver ten money education workshops, so a huge thank you if you've already registered to support us.  

We would love to get to £1,500 by the end of February, meaning we could help a further 25 people get online and saving money.  You can help us to do that by choosing us as your local cause, so every time you buy Co-op branded products, 1% of the money you spend will go to Citizens Advice Manchester  If you've already chosen us as your charity you can still help by encouraging your friends and family to support us too, or share a link to our project page on your social media.  

You can find more information about the project and choose us as your charity or become a Co-op Member here