Citizens Advice Manchester Turns 80!

Today, September 4th, Citizens Advice Manchester turns 80. We were set up at the very start of World War to meet the needs of the population during war-time, and we’ve been a part of people’s communities ever since. While the problems may change - in 1939 we were more likely to be helping with rations and evacuation; these days it’s more Universal Credit and rising debt - but the thing that never changes is our dedication to getting the people of Manchester the help they need.

We’re excited to be celebrating reaching this milestone - we’ve been digging out old annual report and reading over our history, marvelling at how the service has changed across the years. We’re proud that our service continues to grow, helping more and more people each year - last year we helped 44,781 local people with over 100,000 problems, who came to us by phone, webchat, Facebook messenger, Skype and of course face-to-face in their communities. We’ve been able to do this not just thanks to our staff, but for the large number of volunteers who dedicated their time to help us, and through developing partnerships with many of the other fantastic voluntary and community sector organisations working in Manchester.

Our service helps to make a difference to a lot of people’s lives, and we’d love to be able to share some of these stories with people to celebrate our history. Whether you’ve needed our help, volunteered with us, or even been one of our delivery partners, we’d love to know what Citizens Advice Manchester means to you. Please take a few moments to fill in this short form and become a part of our history.