Celebrating Volunteers Week

As part of Volunteers’ Week, which runs from 1 June to 7 June, Citizens Advice Manchester wants to thank current volunteers for their contribution and welcome new recruits to help bring the charity into our next 80 years.

Our 45 volunteers at Citizens Advice Manchester contribute 180 hours each week and last year supported the charity to help 44,781 people with over 100,000 problems, such as debt, housing, benefit and employment issues.

Volunteers at Citizens Advice help us in roles such as giving our clients information and advice, raising funds, keeping the service running smoothly, promoting our services out in the community and helping with the strategic direction of the organisation. The time and energy they contribute makes a huge difference to people’s lives and help keep our vital service running.

But volunteering with us isn’t just about what you provide to us, it’s about what we can give back to you too. Our volunteers told us what this means to them:


“I am pleased to volunteer in this way as I am continually learning about people in my local community and about rapidly changing aspects of public services. It fits well with other activities for keeping active in retirement and I would recommend it to others who have much to offer from their experience of a working life.”


“I love it! The huge feeling of a job well done at the end of the session is irreplaceable...priceless...exhilarating! Grab your opportunity. You won’t regret it!”


“As the owner of a financial services firm, I have found meeting and trying to help in some small way individuals at the other end of life’s spectrum to be humbling and rewarding”


“I have been filling in grant applications, which is honestly one of the most satisfying activities I’ve ever been fortunate enough to do. I love volunteering at Citizens Advice. Those two mornings a week have become the anchor of my week and I really look forward to coming in and seeing the other volunteers and staff members.”

If this all sounds up your street, we’d love for you to join us and become part of our next 80 years helping the people of Manchester. To find out more about beginning your volunteering journey with us, visit our volunteer page